Testing and repair of ladders, stepladders and access equipment

Professional access equipment such as ladders, stepladders and fall protection should be inspected at least once a year. We have our own certified inspectors authorised to inspect and repair practically all brands of access equipment. An annual inspection allows you to meet minimum legal requirements.

Testing and repair of access equipment on site

The periodic inspection and repair of your access equipment can be carried out by Dirks at our location or yours. Our inspectors have all the necessary equipment to allow them to perform, on site, practically any required repairs to ladders, stepladders or fall protection.

Testing and inspection of fall protection

Our inspectors test and inspect practically all brands of fall protection. We can even inspect, test and if necessary, repair fall protection not purchased at Dirks.


Official access equipment inspection report

After the inspection or repair, you will receive an official inspection report and every item inspected will be given an inspection sticker, making it clear when a ladder, stepladder or fall protection was last tested.

Because access equipment should be tested annually, you will automatically receive a reminder from the inspector each year, ensuring that your access equipment always meets the statutory safety requirements.

For more information about options to periodically have your access equipment tested, contact us!